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About Us

We Create Comprehensive Wealth
We provide best financial and investment business programs

Burj Altharwa is a private international consulting brokerage  firm dealing primarily with trade finance, capital raising solutions,  and financial instruments. The company’s efforts are aimed at recreating  wealth to allow businesses to grow and expand. This growth and  expansion is facilitated by the provision of financial services to  clients present in different regions where there is a lack of financing  through traditional channels.

The company strives and continues to grow based on a backbone of  highly creative, dynamic and inventive experts, working seamlessly to  address the financing requirements of small and medium-sized businesses,  organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, state-owned enterprises. and  importers / exporters.

Currently, companies around the world do not have sufficient access  to finance, which limits their growth. The reason behind this is mainly  the lack of adequate collateral to meet the financial and financing  needs of the business. Therefore, Burj Altharwa has introduced  facilities in Asia and around the world so that companies can develop in  their region and grow globally.

With our facilities, companies can obtain the instrument from the  supplier at a fee for a specified period of time. The Provider and the  Beneficiary sign an Agreement, in which the Supplier agrees to issue the  Instrument in the form of (a) Guarantee or (b) Letter of Credit to the  Beneficiary in exchange for a Fee.
During the period of time of the agreement, the Beneficiary agrees to use the instrument in an appropriate way for the expansion of its commercial operations that include, among others, import, export trade and loans (Monetization). The Beneficiary is responsible for settling any debt against the guarantee before its maturity. Stapp has been active in the international market for 13 years and recently took a public approach as he embarked on his quest for “Recreation of wealth for growth” of businesses.
Our Vision
We are always  looking to be a leading company in our business. where as Stapp. is one  of the first companies leading this business in the world.
We are  focusing at Stapp to gain the trust of our valued customers by providing  the best service at the best price and to achieve our clients full  satisfaction.
Our Mission
As one team at Burj Altharwa, we strive to bring the best suitable and competitive offers for the services we provide all over the world to our valued customers, to ensure their satisfaction and pushing their business to be successful.
Our Objective
Burj Altharwa. Facilitating of Instruments and Monetization services with  Trade Program or without, so that you can choose the required services  that suit your capabilities and serve your business.

Our Value
Transparency And Credibility: We are always in STAPP  keen on providing clients rights and access to the highest levels of  transparency and clarity in our relationship with them. As we believe  very well that this is the only way to succeed and achieve the common  benefit.
Customer Services: We have a strong and integrated  team that does not save any effort or experience in cooperation between  us and the largest financial institutions in the world to provide the  best service to our clients in our business.
Respect Of Time: We know how important time  commitment is to our clients. We appreciate that they have major  obligations and responsibilities, so we share the responsibility and do  our utmost to fulfill their obligations on time.
Quality of Services: We do our best to submit the best suitable and competitive offers and solutions for our clients.

Our Services
At Burj Altharwa, we provide our clients with four main services:
1- Corporate bank account opening
Do you have  Mainland company, or company in free zones, or offshore company and you  are having difficulties or problems to open an account for your company?  Don’t worry we have a solution.. we can open your bank account in the  best banks inside and outside the UAE, so that you can start to use it  within a few days and according to your budget – we provide the required  features on the account – the credit limit and the filtering criteria.
2- Facilitating of Instruments
We can facilitate  providing of bank guarantees and letters of credits from top rated banks  AAA, so that you can use these bank guarantees or letters of credits in  the international trade process or use them as a collateral to do  business with major companies and government and semi-government  agencies or to monetize it to get cash liquidity to fund your projects.
3- Instrument monetization
Do you have or want to  issue bank guarantees, letter of credits or other and would like to  monetize it to get cash liquidity to fund your projects? We are able to  facilitate of provide and monetize our clients assets and banking  instruments such as bank guarantees, letter of credits and others  through our relationship with the largest financial institutions in the  world.
4- Trade Programs
Do you have cash or want to  issue bank guarantees, letter of credits or other and would like to  invest these financial assets in private investment programs (PPP) (HYP)  to get high profits in order to fund your projects? We are able to  provide and invest our clients assets and banking instruments such as  bank guarantees, letter of credits and others in private trade programs  (PPP) (HYP) through our relationship with the largest financial  institutions in the world to achieve the greatest profit for the  investor.
Who We Serve
We Submit Our Services to:
  • HNWI (High-net-worth individual)
  • Investors
  • Governments
  • Semi-government
  • International Trading Companies
  • Construction & Real estate Developers
Our Team
Burj Altharwa have a distinguished team carefully selected to ensure that the best possible quality is provided to our customers as fast as possible, the team work in a distinct working environment designed for creativity and innovation to constantly develop our services and provide the best solutions to our clients.
Why Middle East?
Within a short period of not more than forty years, Dubai has made quantum leaps in which it has transformed from a mere community dependent on trade to one of the most active and successful cities in the world in business. Dubai continues to move forward with confident and steady steps towards promising horizons and pioneering achievements, as it has become a center of business attraction and an ideal destination for tourism to which business people and investors from all over the world flock. Dubai such as the United Arab Emirates, where major companies always take a center to launch their projects in the Middle East, due to awareness of their rational government of the importance of progress and keeping pace with global transformation and development as it provides continuous support to business owners by providing an infrastructure Strong, including the distinguished banking infrastructure and a bundle of laws and necessary facilities that lead to the success of business and investments, which makes the quality of life and work in Dubai rise to a level unparalleled in the Middle.
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