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Burj Altharwa. is a leading provider of AAA rated bank banking instruments, and can also provide financial asset management solutions for its clients (entrepreneurs, investors and all kinds of companies) in the Middle East and around the world in general, to help them Companies can grow and increase the volume of their funds through Bank Instruments that we provide, such as Bank Guarantees (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)… etc.

Our Banking Instruments can be used to facilitate international trade transactions between exporters and importers or be used as a guarantee by another party to implement large projects or monetize them to obtain the necessary financing, which facilitates the establishment and completion of projects and businesses that contribute to achieving the vision and growth of society as a whole.


We are best agency to achieve your goal!!

We advise our clients in the development, evaluation, structuring and implementation of financial strategies.

Only the wealthiest investors and fund manager had access to high-quality, professionally managed commercial real estate investments.

Investment Opportunities, Expansion of business to national and international level, Creation of new enterprises, Pre-IPO and IPO / Pre-ICO and ICO,..

Burj Altharwa is one of the world’s leading investment management organizations and one of the top U.S. wealth managers.

Burj Altharwa provide a full range of operational solutions that enable you to efficiently conduct business, invest assets and engage in transactions.

Commercial real estate («CRE») remains an intensely cyclical business.

We perform both financial and strategic advice to support specialized in negotiating procurement processes.

We can provide Bank Guarantee (BG) from Top Rated Banks AAA.

ALL PROCESS BANK TO BANK. It offers maximum security for the transaction.


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