Standby Letter Of Credit

We can provide SBLC from top rated AAA banks

You can use the Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) in international trade (Import and Export) and can also be used to obtain a loan to finance your Projects, companies and trade around the world.

Anyway if you are planning to BUY or LEASE SBLC, for private or commercial use. We can surely help you.

We will issue SBLC to CUSTOMER. Then the CUSTOMER BANK will confirm that MT760 RECEIVED and that everything is OK. After that the CUSTOMER BANK will pay the FEES through BANK TO SWIFT BANK.

ALL PROCESS BANK TO BANK. It offers maximum security for the transaction.

The CLIENT will not make any payment in advance except for the client’s dd, analysis and investigation fees.

We can provide a minimum of 10 million dollars or euros to 500 million dollars or euros and repeat up to any agreed amount in dollars or euros.

The storage period is usually standard 1 year and 1 day, unless otherwise agreed in the contract.