Genesis Laboratories we are a laboratory specialized in the creation of natural, cosmetic, nutritional and medicinal products, such as jaruffem, clean head, bereshit.

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• Promote and dignify natural medicine through the distribution of our products.

• Satisfying the needs of our customers, offering products and services with an optimum quality index, which allows us to prosper as a business, contribute to the development of new markets in the area of ​​health and beauty and thus provide our shareholders with a return reasonable on your investment.

• Promote within each company in the medical and aesthetic area a culture of responsibility that involves and integrates its staff and clients in health and beauty programs.

• Being a leading company as suppliers of a wide range of cutting-edge products made under the norms and quality standards of natural medicine in Latin America. Giving customers and consumers of medium and large companies, a business option, using a model of proximity to the customer that will build long-term relationships, based on trust, quality service and excellence that distinguishes us from the competition.