About us

Successfully Providing Financial Solution From 30 Years

Burj Altharwa is a private international consulting brokerage firm dealing primarily with trade finance, capital raising solutions, and financial instruments. The company’s efforts are aimed at recreating wealth to allow businesses to grow and expand. This growth and expansion is facilitated by the provision of financial services to clients present in different regions where there is a lack of financing through traditional channels.

The company strives and continues to grow based on a backbone of highly creative, dynamic and inventive experts, working seamlessly to address the financing requirements of small and medium-sized businesses, organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, state-owned enterprises. and importers / exporters.

Currently, companies around the world do not have sufficient access to finance, which limits their growth. The reason behind this is mainly the lack of adequate collateral to meet the financial and financing needs of the business. Therefore, Burj Altharwa has introduced facilities in Asia and around the world so that companies can develop in their region and grow globally.

With our facilities, companies can obtain the instrument from the supplier at a fee for a specified period of time. The Provider and the Beneficiary sign an Agreement, in which the Supplier agrees to issue the Instrument in the form of (a) Guarantee or (b) Letter of Credit to the Beneficiary in exchange for a Fee.
During the period of time of the agreement, the Beneficiary agrees to use the instrument in an appropriate way for the expansion of its commercial operations that include, among others, import, export trade and loans (Monetization). The Beneficiary is responsible for settling any debt against the guarantee before its maturity.
Stapp has been active in the international market for 13 years and recently took a public approach as he embarked on his quest for “Recreation of wealth for growth” of businesses.